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Can your customers find you?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services.

Don't just be first in search. Bring in traffic that wants what you're selling.

Search engine marketing is about attracting visitors who are getting ready to buy what you offer, not just being near the top of search for a few keywords. We use SEO to make sure search engines show your website to potential customers. For searches where they don't, we use pay-per-click search ads to fill in the gaps.

But just because your customers find you doesn't mean they'll buy, make an appointment, or enter their information to become a lead...

Does your website turn visitors into sales, appointments, or leads?

Website conversion optimization.

A salesperson, not a brochure.

40% of clicks online are on the "back" button. That means nearly half your visitors think "I'm in the wrong place," or "this seems too difficult," or worse yet, "I don't trust this site," and leave. Because they can visit 5 other sites in as many minutes.

It's not enough to treat your site like a brochure and hope they read it.

You have to nail the first impression: bring them right to what they want, make it trustworthy and simple to understand, and guide them to an easy buying process.

Do customers trust your store?

You wouldn't shop in a dirty grocery store. Your customers won't buy without clean, trustworthy design.

Reduce clutter and provide what's necessary to complete a sale.

Do you showcase the right information?

Measure what Matters

Measure sales and leads, not just visitors.

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Why Web Marketing Clarity?

Our first priority is to bring you potential customers and make sure your website works to sell to as many of them as possible. 

Our second priority is to help you understand what's working and why, so you can invest in your online presence with confidence. 

Too often, online marketing is confusing and complex. We'll take the time to explain your options and educate you on how and why they can work. Not just web marketing, web marketing clarity.

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